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About Us

Inspired by the Buddhist arts and culture, Himalayan rugs offer a wide range of Buddhist arts in the form of hand-knotted rugs which are made from Tibetan wool.

Himalayan Rugs aims to reflect the Buddhist arts in the form of rugs which can be displayed in the form of wall art, making it less expensive and long-lasting compared to the traditional Thangka Arts Canvas.

About the Director

Mrs. Ang Lami Sherpa, currently pursuing her Ph.D. research in the Himalayan Culture and Buddhism in Nepal,  completed her Master’s Degree in Buddhism and Himalayan Studies from Lumbini University of Nepal.

She has been working in the Rugs manufacturing industry for the past 25 years and has been operating Himalayan Rugs since 2000.

What We Do

Manufacture Rugs

We manufacture any design of rugs given by our clients whether it is of Traditional design rugs, Contemporary design rugs, Floral design rugs, or even Artistic design rugs.

We have around 130 skilled labors in our own factory and perform all the activities required in the production of Hand- knotted Tibetan rugs from scratch.


Supply Rugs

We also supply rugs to the clients who do not have their own factory but have regular carpet orders. Most of our client who supply carpets from us are the Nepalese entrepreneurs who have just started their journey in the Carpet industry of Nepal and also some of them are well experienced in this industry but have small factory so they outsource through us.

Export Rugs

Once the carpet completes its final stage of it production, we do the packing. We also courier the carpet to its respective owners to their desired address.

It takes around a week or so, depending on the delivery address, to reach the carpet to its destination.

Our Collections

These rugs’ designs are inspired by Buddhist signs and symbols.

Contemporary rugs are more preferred by Europeans and American customers.

Our floral designs are usually the customized designs of our clients.

These rugs’ designs are inspired by Buddhist signs and symbols.

Artistic rugs are inspired by the arts design or replica of one’s painting

Our Modern designs are usually the customized designs of our clients.

Our Rugs Production Stages

We provide the overall services which are required to manufacture rugs from the starting stage to the finished rugs and deliver them to your required address.


The first step in the rugs production stage is the design. We usually get the designs from our clients and determine the right color to be used, the size of the carpet that is required, and predict the days of its completion.


Once the design of the carpet is completed, we then choose the right color for dyeing the loom. We use the vegetable dyeing method which is natural and is eco-friendly to nature as well as to the carpet itself. 

As per the client’s choice, we also use machine dyeing which is done in closed chambers, and uses only high-quality dyestuffs from internationally recognized brands.


Once the dyeing is completed, we hand over it to our workers. We have around 130 skilled laborers having experience of more than 10 years in this field.

We give equal gender opportunity to our workers and operate under the Nepal Government’s Labor Act. 


Once the weaving of the carpet is complete, we then proceed to the next stage, which is the cleaning and washing of the rugs. A good washed carpet determines the shine and the texture of the finished rugs.

We wash our rugs more than two times so that the fabric of the rug gets enhanced and loses the unclean filaments to obtain a beautiful look of the rugs.


The washed rugs are then sent for trimming. Trimming helps to highlight the curves and patterns of the rugs which are all done carefully and around 3- 4 workers are assigned to each of our rugs.


After the rugs are well trimmed, we then dry it under the sun and stretch it to obtain the perfect size and shape of the carpet.

Finishing Touch

Once the carpets are dried properly, we then trim it again to enhance the design of the rugs. The carpets are recleaned to give it a proper finishing touch.


After close supervision by our manager and with his permission, we then pack the finished carpet in a cleanroom. The carpets are wrapped and sealed in a polythene sheet to preserve them from any harmful substance.

It is wrapped again in a Hessian cloth and sewn by hand so it doesn’t get damaged while transporting it to the client’s required address.

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